Stages of Construction of a Building

The Process and Stages of Construction of a Building

When you live in a large and constantly growing city like Santiago, it is very common to see buildings under construction in all areas. In fact, construction tends to be concentrated in certain areas for periods due to changes that may have had the city’s regulatory plan. Surely you have wondered what the process is like for a work to end up becoming a building where many people and families will live for many years of their lives or where entrepreneurs can install their offices, among other possible uses. In this publication we share a little about the process of building a building so that you can learn more about it.

Design by Architects

The first step that goes into the construction of a building is the design of the same. After evaluating the land that is owned and analyzing the regulatory plan of the area, the architects receive the plan of the space that they will have available and in this way, with professional design programs, they can generate models of how the building will look and each one of the apartments of the same. This goes through endless internal approvals within the real estate agency leading the project and also from many other professionals such as a health expert, calculator, electrician and many others who will check everything is perfect and its construction is safe.

Presentation of the Project in the Municipality

In order to start a real estate project, be it urbanization or building, it is not enough just to be the owner of the land. Before being able to start any project of this type (subdivision, merger of properties, constructions, extensions, remodeling, etc.), municipal authorization must be obtained.

These permits and certificates are granted based on the adequate presentation of all the necessary antecedents in which the corresponding professionals must participate, thus ensuring that all the rules for carrying out these works are respected.

Some of the reasons why the law requires the prior approval of all works projects are to ensure the safety and health of the people and the neighborhood, and also to maintain the harmonious development of the city when the construction of a new building. Nowhere can you “arrive and build”, any change in the country’s buildings must have a prior authorization from the corresponding municipality.

An important piece of information about this step in the construction of buildings is that it matches the blank sale therefore, once the start of the project is approved by the corresponding municipality, the sales of the properties can begin.

Demolition Prior to Construction of a Building

When the real estate agency is going to use land that has a previously built building, a demolition must be carried out. This is a very delicate process, requiring a professional assessment of the site and its surroundings to ensure the safety of everything surrounding the area.

The company that will be in charge of the demolition must carry out a selective evaluation and inspection process, be in charge of placing all the necessary signs to guarantee the safety of passers-by, cancel the service connections (gas, water, electricity, etc …) and inspect basements and closed spaces that the building has so that there are no gases or toxic elements. Finally, the idea is that those in charge of this step leave the land in conditions that allow the beginning of the construction of a new building.

Excavation start

Before being able to start building, an excavation process must be carried out, to reach the starting plan of the building and the conditioning of the spaces for the foundations. The type of excavation will depend on the soil you are working with, which can be common or rocky. In general, they can be done manually or with heavy machinery, and the use of each one will depend on which one is suitable for each occasion, taking into account the magnitude of the volumes of earth to be moved and the type of material with which it is treated. .

The start of the “green” sale coincides with this stage of construction, since the development of the work has already begun officially.

Construction of a building

When the ground is ready, it is time to install and inspect the plumbing and footings. Then the foundations are poured and the construction of what is known as the “skeleton” of the work begins: the exterior walls, interior partitions and the ceiling are assembled.

Subsequently, the building begins to acquire a shape closer to its final product when the air conditioning assembly process begins, where all the cladding, ceilings, doors and exterior windows are installed. Closing this stage, enter the electrical and mechanical installations and everything related to plumbing. That is, everything that would be the water and waste pipes, the electrical wiring, security, lighting and everything that would correspond to “the intestines” of the building under construction. Special installations such as elevators, electricity transformers, vertical garbage chutes, solar panels, etc. can also be included.


When all the previous steps are ready, the phase arrives where all the final details such as the painting of all the walls of the building, the installation of doors, window frames, floor coverings, countertops, cabinets, electrical appliances arrive. , mirrors, lights, taps, showers and all the finishing touches to finish the project. This is generally what we see and review later upon delivery of the department.

Final reception by the municipality

The last step in this process is the final reception or the final reception, where basically the building is “accepted” by the municipality. In this step, the Directorate of Works recognizes the work as a building and after this, once the request is approved, the work is in compliance with the regulations.

At this time it is reviewed that everything that has been presented to the municipality in the beginning has been fulfilled and that something other than what was approved has not been built. Once the final reception is ready, the units can begin to be delivered to their new owners and, regarding the sale, the sale stage begins with “immediate delivery”.


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