Piping Engineer

Piping engineer is a person who performs the process of design and analysis of pipe and its components based on the disciplines related to it. In my opinion, piping is a department that most of science, because he will be related to department of the ministry of other directly.

As alluded to earlier in the history and basic theory of piping, that the piping is the lifeblood of a system. Because piping is pulse, the department of piping are also the most numerous “enemies”. The enemy what?

That means he will be a lot of relation with other departments directly, usually stay later strong ir argument against the concept of each. And this is where interestingly the world EPC, he was always a lot of trouble and from him we will learn a lot about problem solving.

In a piping we will learn the PID, where piping and instrument diagram was the work of his people process a lot in the contents of people techniques of chemical, so we’re studying chemistry. We also studied the mechanical, because the pipe will relation with equipment means we need to know about mechanical anyway with the civil, the pipe will be put on the structure (platform or pipe rack) which means that we learn from the civil. So also with electric and other engineer. so we will learn a lot of things in the piping department.

Within the department of piping, will usually divided into multiple parts again. Among them are :
1. Piping Material
2. Piping Stress analysis
3. Piping Support
4. Piping Design

Here to emphasize, Between the engineer and designer that is different. if the engineer, the term full piping engineer, whose main task is usually to calculate. He that will calculate and analyze whether the piping (or support) it is strong or safe.

While the right designer whose main task is designing, he made a draft of which is a translation of the PID that has been set. Typically, a designer will determine the path of the pipe, the term cash from where to where and using any component. After rooting finished by the designer, usually submitted to a stress engineer to calculate whether the pipe was safe.

Rooting pipe that has been specified by the designer usually has considered the security, access, and maintenance as well as other considerations. Rules are rules that become a guide for the designer to determine the direction of the pipe, while the stress engineer is usually not too understand things it does.

On the other hand, stress engineer that determine the pipe that had been designed, will be forwarded to the consideration of his power, need a little addition of support or if they need to be replaced cash. Here, as the two sides need each other, the designer of the design and the pipe engineer count.