Materials to Build a Building

Materials to Build a Building

Construction material is a raw material or, more often, a manufactured product used in the construction of buildings or civil engineering works. Construction materials are the components of the constructive and architectural elements of a building.

Construction of buildings with Metallic Structure

To carry out a building construction project, different construction systems can be used, which are determined by the company according to costs and performance. New technologies and systems are used to shorten construction times and reduce project costs, mainly due to time savings, both due to the technology used and the specialized labor required.

Sustainable Building Construction

As the world’s population grows, more and more buildings will be needed. “I think the good thing about architecture and construction is that we all have a relationship with them. We all live in houses, we know how buildings work, and we see that there are buildings where living conditions are less pleasant than they should be. We know that things have to change.

The mass construction projects of the 70s and 80s cannot be carried out today. What we are asking ourselves is not a social question, but rather how and with what we can really build.

For example, concrete is a material that is as hated as it is appreciated because enormous, splendid buildings can be built, which allow us to think differently about what a city can be, but we also hate it because at the same time it is a material associated with social housing, to poverty.

The goal is to rethink concrete in both ways: with a sustainable perspective but also discovering new creations and ways of thinking about what the construction of the future should really be.

According to the report, building standards must evolve to reflect the urgency for buildings that are more resilient to climate change and extreme events such as storms, floods, high-speed winds and elevated temperatures.

An increasing number of real estate asset managers are mapping climate risks to their buildings in adaptation plans communicated to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Brazil, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Sri Lanka are among the countries that have included buildings in their national adaptation plans.

The report also cites several initiatives that could help improve rapid tracking. Close to 500 companies with trillions of dollars in revenue, including several property, construction, cement and steel companies, have joined the Science Based Targets initiative and aligned their emission reductions with the Paris Agreement.

Industrialized Construction

The industrialization of the construction sector must lead to a new energy-efficient building model, within a sustainable development with a clear orientation towards the end user.

Nowadays it is evident that, if we want to satisfy the social demands made and the demands of production to adapt to the approaches of other industrial fields that are much more technologically evolved, the barrier of conventional construction systems, anchored in the techniques of the industry, must be broken down. the seventies.

Modular Building Construction

The desire of the most developed countries is that more innovative and competitive technologies, systems and construction processes be developed in the construction sector that allow guaranteeing higher levels of quality and safety in construction, as well as improving the general competitiveness of the sector. through its modernization and technification.

The industrialization of the construction sector must lead to a new energy-efficient building model, within a sustainable development with a clear orientation towards the end user.

It should not be forgotten that the general objective that must be met is the constitutional right of the citizen to have a decent home and that the more conventional or traditional schemes followed to date by the construction sector have made it quite possible. difficult, especially in relation to the cost of it.

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