Construction Cranes

Construction Cranes

The cranes are machines that are widely used in construction widely used in all sites that have to lift and move objects. Construction cranes are vital machinery as they perform a type of work that other construction machines cannot. With this type of heavy machinery, a relatively small number of workers can safely move heavy objects and complete tasks faster than using manual lifting methods. While the term “crane” is often applied to various types of machines, there are many different types of cranes that you will see on any job site.

What is a crane?

A crane is a main type of construction machine that is used to move loads horizontally. Equipped with a lifting rope, cables and pulleys, the crane can be used to lift heavy loads or transport them to other places. The mechanical advantages created by various components in the construction crane can produce a powerful force.

Types of cranes

Tower cranes

If you are driving or visiting a construction site and have to look up to see the top of a crane, then you are looking at a tower crane. These cranes typically operate at heights ranging from 230 to 265 feet, and the largest tower cranes can lift up to 20 tons. These large cranes are bolted to concrete foundations that are specially built for the job.

Telescopic cranes

If you’ve ever used a cleaning device that has a handle made of tubes within tubes, then you are familiar with the operation of a telescopic arm. A telescopic crane has a telescopic arm that is powered by a strong hydraulic system. These cranes are usually mounted on the back of trucks that can be stabilized with arms that swing from the bottom. These types of cranes are convenient because they can perform in a variety of situations that many other cranes cannot.

Crawler cranes

If you have ever seen a smaller version of a tower crane moving slowly on its own tracks, then you are looking at a crawler crane. The tracks these cranes move on make it easier for the crane to distribute weight in a way that doesn’t centralize all of the weight in one place. Because these cranes are good at distributing weight, they are often used to prepare unstable ground, such as can be found in swampy areas.

All Terrain Cranes

There are many places where not even a crawler crane with its tracks can go, and that is when construction companies call the all-terrain crane. The truck of this crane has many sets of wheels and is divided into segments to make it easier to drive on any type of terrain. When running on paved roads, an all terrain crane can reach traffic speeds without any problem.

Rough Terrain Cranes

The rough terrain cranes are mounted on a smaller truck that has four large tires. These cranes are generally used in rough terrain areas to lift very heavy loads. While these cranes are not as versatile as all terrain cranes, they are very useful in areas where other equipment cannot be used.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes are long helicopters with a rectangular hole cut out in the center. These cranes are used in areas where all terrain cranes and uneven terrain cannot be used. These cranes can carry a surprisingly large amount of cargo and are used in construction, demolition and rescue work.


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